Countries of origin for coconuts

So that the coconut tree well grows and delivers optimum fruits, it needs high tem-peratures more than 20 degrees, enough precipitation, loose ground rich in nutrient (sandy mucky ground). For it coasts and courses of a river of the tropical regions are suited in Asia, Africa, South America and in many Pacific islands best of all. The op-timum in precipitation for the fruit education lies with approx. 2000 mm per year.

The main cultivation countries (reference Wikipedia) in tonnes of coconuts per year are:

Coconut production in tonnes
Country Amount in tonnes
Indonesia 18.300 000,00
Philippines 15.353 200,00
India 11.930 000,00
Brazil 2.820 468 ,00
Sri Lanka 2.200 000,00
Vietnam 1.312 200,00
Papua New Guinea 1.200 000,00
Mexico 1.100 000,00
Thailand 1.010000,00
Malaysia 605.000,00