Application possibilities of the palm climbing stage (PSP) with cultivation of the coconut tree

To see as on many web pages and web videos is the coconuts to be harvested are cut even today with low palms with a knife and are collected. With higher palms the harvest knife with a longer style is extended to harvest them the nuts. With even higher palms the harvest assistants must high climb to separate the fruits from the palm and to throw down. Also with maintenance operations like cutting the sheets one must climb by hand with bare hands without personal protection high.

This activity is tiresome, very dangerous and slow. Hence, heavy accidents can also happen. It is extremely dangerous if the worker (Harvest assistant) run, moreover, on top from a palm on ropes to reach to the next palm. Bad weather relations complicate, in addition, the reaping of the fruits.
With the palm climbing device PSP these problems can be solved.
The harvest person does not climb, but she stands or sits on a mobile stage and can stop on every height and carry out the necessary works like cutting, dusting or reaping. The har-vest property can be collected on the stage and be stowed away.
The device can be served with low training easily and fast. Also with higher palms the danger of falling is low. Palms must not be cut off because of its height. Quality and profitability are strongly improved by the technology application.