Other palm kinds with commercial relevance:

A palm kind with the name Palmyra Palm (Borassus) comes, e. g., in Benin, Burkina Faso, India, Nigeria and Senegal before. As an ornamental plant she adorns many streets on Cyprus and on the Canary islands. This has dark green fruits, can grow to 30 metres and become 100 years old. The fruit is consumed as vegetables or is processed to palm wine / schnapps. Fields, hats or mats are produced of its sheets.

Palm oil and palm kernel fat are extracted from the fruits of oil palm . This palm is now commercialized in Indonesia and Malaysia, as well as in South America and Africa. It looks like a date palm, has thicker Trunk (over 50 cm) and becomes over 30 m high.

The tamarind tree, Indian date tree belongs to the family of carob trees and is therefore not a palm tree. It comes from Africa and finds in the kitchens of many countries such as Southeast Asia, Africa, Middle East, Egypt and South America use. It is an evergreen tree and can reach 25 meters height. It is used as ornamental and useful plant. The sour fruits are fresh or dried edible and are found as condiments in dishes and juices (As a lemonade).

The royal spire (king's palm ), originally located in Cuba, is also found in Central America, eastern Mexico and Florida. It adorns many promenades and parks in the Canary Islands. It also reaches a height of Over 30 meters. It is relatively thin (diameter approx. 30 cm) and grows conically upwards. Their trunk is used as furniture, leaves for roofing and fruits as cattle fodder or for the production of Palm oil. It is a highly cultivated ornamental palm and is available as a pot and pot plant. It is relatively winter resistant in and tolerates also light freezes.

All these palms can be maintained with the help of the palm climbing stage lighter and harvested.

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