Natural products from palms are biological, many-sided, healthy and they are easy to grow, to maintain and to harvest. The palm family contains 183 types with about 2600 kinds. In this family the longest tree-trunk with up to 40-metre length and the biggest seed with up to 22 kilograms of weight is found. The fruits of about 100 palm kinds are consumable.
The palms seem in different areas on the earth. From the Sahara date palms up to the oil palms in the rainy areas of Asia, Africa and South America. The cultivation areas and with it the yields can be increased, without deforestation of woods must occur. More people can thereby find spheres of activity in the called regions. For it the cultivation methods as well as the procedures of the care and the harvest must be improved technically.
The palm climbing stage makes a good contribution in this direction. The heavy and Dangerous work which is done by the palm workers can be improved by the applica-tion of the PSP-Device considerably. Thus the rise and descent can occur in the seat. One can take on the way also a break or take heavier tools to cut, e. g., branches or sheets. The partly heavy fruits can be stowed away in collective container on top and down comfortably and surely transported.